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Local Business Profile: British Chip Shop

The British Chip Shop, located right in the heart of downtown Haddonfield, celebrates British culinary traditions by serving authentic fish and chips, burgers and mash, and plenty of other great dishes. We had the chance to speak with the owner of the British Chip Shop about the restaurant.

Can you tell us a little more about the background story of the British Chip Shop?

First the English Gardener opened in a tiny store space on Mechanic street. The customers kept asking where they could find British food all the time, so we had the idea to open the chip shop when a spot became available across the street from the store in 2010.

What’s the most popular item on your menu?

Fish and chips are always the best seller, followed by our burger.

There aren’t many other British restaurants around. What kind of clientele do you typically attract?

We have a good number of expats, locals, and anglophiles from all over that visit us.

What has your experience been like being located in the heart of downtown Haddonfield?

We are very conveniently located and I think our shop and the store are destinations.

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