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How Do You Evaluate Your Realtor?

Currently, there are more Realtors than homes for sale. Yes, you read that correctly. Now more than ever, it’s important to consider how you are picking an agent. When you think about the importance of the purchase or sale of a home to a person – a significant financial or emotional asset – there are low barriers to entry to be a real estate agent. Make sure you are choosing an agent who is trusted and experienced in all facets of your real estate transaction – pricing strategy, trends, contract deadlines, home inspections, staging, marketing, settlement process and so much more. 

Lots of realtors will discount their commission (i.e., lower the number of services offered) to win your business, or inflate the price of your home to sound more appealing, but is that the best option to choose? More often than not, that answer is no. 

In such a volatile market here in Moorestown, New Jersey and the surrounding towns, you’ll want to steer clear of the “hobbyist” or “amateur” agents. To help you, we put together our top questions that you should be asking any real estate agent in your selection process:

More Questions…

  • (If you are a Buyer) How will you collaborate with me on homes that are listing? How will you give me a head start on the competition?
  • What type of national and Philadelphia referral network do you have?
  • Are you a franchise model with various owners or one National company?
  • What is your marketing strategy? What mediums do you use to generate demand for my home?
  • If you are on another listing appointment or out showing homes or at your child’s dance recital how will you get me an answer or follow up with an agent with a question about my home? When would you do that?
  • What do you think of digital advertising? How do you implement it into your strategy for my home? What specific examples do you have where you have used it to sell a home?
  • Where does your firm rank nationally in sales?
  • Will your company front the cost of my home improvement costs or staging or landscaping costs?
  • What are the average years of experience for your office? 
  • Do you have vendors/contractors that you can recommend?

At The Moriuchi Group, we are passionate about these factors and use them as a minimum standard so we constantly grow and push to make the home buying and selling process more efficient and successful for our clients. Being part of the Compass brokerage helps us to elevate the process through their tools, support, and tens of thousands of experienced Realtors across the country collaborating without ego for the success of each agent and their clients.

Compass requires a specific number of years of experience and a peer review process before agents can join the brokerage. This helps ensure that agents at Compass as a whole are experienced and deliver consistent, high quality outcomes aligned with our clients’ goals. Even though you will only be ‘working’ with one agent, the consistency of that agent throughout the organization is important. Your property has the potential to be shown or talked about by multiple Realtors, so it matters the team you have involved. 

The Moriuchi Group team works in a collaborative manner and each of our agents and ops team members are ready to support you. We have a team in place who is ready to assist you at each stage of the contract-to-close process, so when you need a question answered, we’re here every step of the way. We have a TEAM behind you to deliver the attention you deserve and what comes with that is constant communication and updates to support you and someone available for you almost at any time. 

We also want to make you aware of the plethora of services unique to Compass that are here to make your home sale or purchase process easier and more efficient. 

Compass CMA Tool
With products like the Compass CMA tool, which uses our insight as agents and an algorithm to pull together market data, we can more accurately price your home based on real information.

Compass Concierge
Exclusive to Compass, our Concierge program fronts the costs of services that can increase the value of your home. From staging, to painting, to cosmetic renovations, there will be no payment collected until your home sells.

Bridge Loans
A simple solution to bridge the gap between the home you have and the home you want. Compass Bridge Loan Services provides access to competitive rates and dedicated support from well-established industry lenders, with the exclusive option to get up to six months of your bridge loan payments fronted when you sell your home with a Compass agent.

Home buying and selling is much more stressful during this unprecedented time, so you need somebody with experience and wisdom. At The Moriuchi Group, we are rooting for your success. Our mission has and will always be: Changing the lives we touch through the power of real estate.

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