Timothy M. Lee – The Moriuchi Group

Timothy M. Lee

Timothy grew up in Newark, New Jersey and has lived in Mt Laurel, New Jersey since 1990. He is passionate about the “human” side of the business; his experience in human resources has enabled him to grow in the areas of talent acquisition and development.

In 2000, Tim left corporate to establish his own executive search firm, working with large and small organizations facilitating the hiring of senior-level executives as well as building sales teams for major software/technology firms.

After many years of Tim investing in the real estate market, he decided to obtain his Real Estate license. Since 2017, Tim has been actively involved in real estate. He now brings his passion and sharp attention to detail to his clients, helping buyers in a highly focused search for their new home and to help sellers get the most value for their home.

In 2019, Tim established a working relation with a Corporation helping their employees find rental properties or new homes to purchase when they were relocated to our area. He also took on the responsibility of managing the rental properties for his client.

Tim understands the value of establishing a good working relationship with clients by listening to them, working hard to help them achieve their requirements, and working each step of the process to obtain a very positive outcome.