Jessica Diamond – The Moriuchi Group

Jessica Diamond

Jessica Diamond is a South Jersey native currently residing in Delran, NJ and earned her Bachelor’s degree from Rowan University in 2012.

As a consultant providing expertise in strategic health communications and public health advising on the national level, Jessica has an array of experience in finding savvy and creative ways to present information to reach and educate the public. In striving for everyone to live their best lives, Jessica has transferred these collective skills to the world of real estate; where success and wellbeing can be achieved through the acquisition of one’s dream home.

Jessica finds gratification in being an expert guide, tailoring each decision based on the personal needs and goals of her clientele while simultaneously utilizing her communication and negotiating skills to ensure a superior experience.  In this way, Jessica distinguishes herself as a trusted advisor for real estate transactions in her community.

With a desire to see the beauty in all things, Jessica also exhibits an eye for design, has collaborated on several design projects and remodels, and continues to keep herself updated on current market trends.

When not helping clients, Jessica loves spending time with her young daughter and husband, being a foodie, practicing yoga, skiing, and taking trips to the Jersey Shore.